Moving to a new country is very exciting and for many, it turns out to be the best time in their life. However, if you are coming to Valencia without knowing anyone or do not quite speak Spanish yet, you might be concerned about feeling lonely. Do not worry! With a good attitude and putting in a bit of effort, you will find your people and make life-lasting friendships. We have prepared some tips to help you meet new people in this beautiful city! 

  • Come to a Language Exchange

This is a great way to do both – learn languages ​​and meet new people. The atmosphere is very chilled and relaxed as the meetings take place in a bar… so after a couple of drinks, you can discover you are fluent in another language. The two main languages ​​​​are English and Spanish but you can go there to practise other languages ​​​​as the environment is very multicultural or to learn more about the local Valencian language. Locals also go there to practise English so it is an opportunity to get some first-hand advice about Valencia. It’s completely free which is another plus. Meetings take place every Monday and Thursday at Big Ben and every Tuesday at Atic at Palau from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. To find out more visit the Valencia Language Exchange website.

language exchange language exchange language exchange

  • Try apps and join Facebook and WhatsApp groups

Another way to meet new people in the city is through apps. Did you know that Bumble isn’t just a dating app, it has a BFF option? It is designed for you to meet people with the same interests easily. For example, you can find a gym buddy or a shopping partner. Another must-try app is Meetup . This platform allows you to find your community and discover events from online gaming and photography to yoga and hiking . There are also many Facebook and WhatsApp groups in Valencia such as various Erasmus groups, Expats in Valencia, New People Valencia, or Girls in Valencia .Most people there speak English and are willing to hang out. So if you haven’t tried joining them before then why not give it a go? You could make friends for life. 

groups on facebook in valencia  meetup app  bumble bff app

  • Go on an organised trip

There are a number of great weekend and one day trips that you can easily take from Valencia. Companies such as Happy Erasmus and Erasmus Life organise trips to places local to Valencia, as well as to other parts of Spain. If you are in Valencia on Erasmus, these trips are a great way to meet new people with similar interests, as well as get out of the city and explore somewhere new. The prices are also student-friendly as you can take a day trip for around 20 EUR. Therefore, why not check out upcoming trips and plan where you could go next? Visit Happy Erasmus or Erasmus Life to find out more. 

people on a trip people on a trip

  • Sign up for classes

This one is very individual as it is really up to you and what you are interested in. If you like sports, go and sign up for some classes. There is nothing better than bonding over a shared interest. Since you are in Spain, it seems compulsory to try some salsa classes. There are many weekly salsa events that turn into a party after a class. Just choose what you like and making new friends will be a bonus!

yoga classes

  • Sign up for Spanish classes

As they say, there is always room for improvement. Attending language classes is also a great way to make new friends. As Valencia is a very international city you could meet people from all over the world. There are a number of Spanish language schools in Valencia. Whether you would like to study intensively and attend classes daily, or just a few classes a week, there will be a class and school to suit you!

people learning Spanish in a classroom

  • Go for a flatshare

Although living on your own might seem more comfortable, when moving to a new city, it is definitely a good idea to go for a flatshare. That way you can meet new people and really bond with them; whether it is through cooking and eating meals together, watching a movie in the evening, or studying together. Having housemates also means you are going to meet friends of theirs which allows you to expand your network. If you are moving to Valencia to study or to do your Erasmus here, we recommend you check Flats2Enjoy – an agency specialising in renting accommodation to students in Valencia. When renting with Flats2Enjoy you live with other like-minded international students. What’s more, Flats2Enjoy often organises exciting events for the community such as Biergarten event you can see below!

flats2enjoy housemates flats2enjoy events biergarten

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