At Flats2enjoy we understand that being away from home comes with its challenges. You may feel homesick or feel like you’re on your own. And in those situations, a familiar meal might be all you need. The hamburger is known all over the world. That’s why Flats2enjoy has selected the 4 best burger places in Valencia to make you feel a bit less homesick. But remember it is also a great list of places if you’re just craving for a delicious hamburger.

1. The Not So Obvious Choice

If you think about a burger joint, you think of a counter, a couple of chairs and some tables. You are less likely to think about washers and dryers and a soap dispenser. But that is exactly how one burger operates. Here you eat inside a laundromat and order via a soap dispenser. You have a couple food options but don’t expect too much. For example, there is only one burger on the menu. The name One burger now makes sense. Once you have ordered, you collect your meal by opening a door of a washing machine. Located near Estadio Mestalla it is the perfect place to go to before or after a soccer game.

2. Hundred Burgers

This well-known burger joint has multiple locations throughout Valenica. Here you can enjoy a burger as well as other dishes like fries and nachos. If you like a burger but you’re not really a meat lover. Vegetarians can enjoy multiple options of the dishes Hundred has to offer. The location we think is the best is located in the city center near the central train station of Valencia.

3. Goiko

This establishment is a 2-minute walk from Plaza de la Reina. At this burger joint you can enjoy a variety of burgers. They offer items for meat lovers and vegetarians. The ambiance in the restaurant is cozy yet spacious. What stands out at this burger joint in contrast with a Hundred burgers, is that there is only one location where you can go to. So, if you want to enjoy a burger at this place. Make sure to reserve a table in advance.

4. The Smash Burger 

A burger that isn’t really popular in Europe is a smash burger. This is a burger that what the name suggests is smashed, so the result is a patty that is only a few millimetres thick. In large cities this type of burger seems to take over rather quickly. A place that is helping this movement in Valencia is named ‘’Tasty American Burgers’’ they are a specialist in these types of burgers. Here you can enjoy a variety of burgers that are crispy from the outside but soft from the inside. This brings a different but tasty experience if you try it for the first time. With two locations it’s easy to visit a place near you. With one location between the neighbourhood Patraix and La Raïosa, and the other located in the heart of El Carmen, makes it perfect for people who live in the city center or those just outside.

With all of these places we hope that you can enjoy a familiar meal from home that will make you feel a bit less homesick and more at ease in Valencia. Even if you where not feeling sick, we hope you also found this list interesting, and we hope we helped you discover some places that satisfy your burger cravings!

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