Welcome to the comprehensive Valencia Public Transport Guide for 2024. In this guide, we’ll embark on a journey through Valencia’s bustling streets and vibrant neighborhoods, exploring the diverse array of transportation options available to young professionals, students and visitors alike.

From the iconic red buses to the sleek metro system, the charming tram routes to the convenient taxi services, and the eco-friendly Valenbisi bicycle infrastructure, Valencia offers a wealth of choices for getting around the city with ease and efficiency.

Join us as we delve into each mode of transportation, uncovering tips, insights, and insider secrets to help you navigate Valencia’s bustling streetscape with confidence and convenience. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a student, this guide is your ticket to unlocking the wonders of Valencia’s public transport network in 2024 and beyond.

Valencia Metro System

Navigating the Valencia metro is quite straightforward and helps you move around the city easily. Here’s a simplified map of the Valencia metro system to guide you: (Metro Valencia Mapa for 2024).

With this map, you’ll find it easy to get around Valencia and explore the city’s attractions and neighborhoods. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask metro staff or fellow travelers for help.

Metro Valencia Prices and Zones

When using the Metro Valencia, it’s important to understand the ticket options and zones. With options like SUMA 10, you can use it for Tram, Bus, Metro, and Renfe cercanías, saving you the hassle of multiple tickets.

Remember, Valencia is divided into zones. If you buy a ticket for a specific zone, it’s only valid for that zone. Be careful to choose the right one to avoid fines!

Valencia has different ticket choices for how long you’re staying. If you’re only here for one day and don’t plan to use the transport much, get a single journey ticket.

Or, go for the T-1 for unlimited rides in the city center. Spending a weekend? Try the T-2 or T-3 for two or three days of travel like the T-1. For longer trips, check out SUMA 10 for ten rides or the Monthly SUMA pass for a whole month of travel. These deals save money compared to buying one ticket at a time.

To get a better understanding of how it works, here is the information from official Metro Valencia website:

( 1 ) SUMA 10: 10 trips through the validity zones, including a transfer. Rechargeable 10 at a time up to a maximum of 19 trips. It can be used to make up to 15 simultaneous trips by people traveling together.

(2) Monthly SUMA Jove: Ticket for customers between 14 and 30 years old with the Carnet Jove. The benefit of this pass for holders of the Carnet Jove is a 15% discount on the sale price of SUMA Monthly.

(3) SUMA T: Unlimited travel for one person for 24, 48 or 72 hours from the first validation for the AB combination.

(4) SUMA T+: Unlimited travel for one person for 24, 48 or 72 hours from the first validation for for the AB+ combination.

Ticket prices depend on your age. Students get discounts with the Monthly SUMA Jove pass. And if you’re 65 or older, you’ll pay less for the monthly pass. These options make transportation affordable for everyone in Valencia.

Buy SUMA 10!

Tarjeta Suma 10

This is what we suggest for a young student or a young professional for the first-time in Valencia.

Buy SUMA 10, and choose accordingly the zone in which you are planning to travel and use Metro Valencia, or other public transport options. You can always re-charge it or buy a new one again!

Here is our brief guide how you can buy and find SUMA 10 ticket:

  • At the ticket offices and vending machines in Metrovalencia stations.
  • At ticket offices and vending machines at Renfe Cercanías stations.
  • At kiosks, stalls and other usual points of sale of the ATMV sales network.
  • Through the RecargaSUMA app.

For example, our journey starts from Benimaclet:


Once you enter the station, look around for the ticket machine at the metro station.

Once you find it, follow these steps:

Valencia metro ticketsValencia metro tickets 1

1) Look at the screen of the ticket machine. Choose your language: English or Spanish.

Valencia metro tickets 2Valencia metro tickets 3

The next step is to select “SUMA 10“. However, if you prefer other tickets, you can choose them according to your preference.

2) Select the zone accurately to avoid fines.

Valencia metro tickets 4Valencia metro tickets 5

3) Pay for the ticket, retrieve your card and you are ready to use Metro Valencia.

Valencia metro tickets 6Valencia metro zones

Abono Temporal Jove Gratuito or Free Temporal Jove season ticket

It is very advisable to get this single-person ticket card because all public transport with “free Temporal Jove season ticket” is valid for travel in the zones of Metrovalencia, MetroBus and EMT, with no limit on the number of trips, for people under 31 years of age, until June 30, 2024.

With this ticket, you can travel completely free! Once you have this public transport card, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also have access to all Metro Valencia zones for free.

How to get “Free Temporal Jove season ticket”?

First of all, you have to make an appointment.

To make an appointment you must register on the website with a mandatory identification document.

To collect your Free Temporal Jove Season ticket it is necessary to present the original document of the person who requested it (DNI, NIE, Passport or SIP in the case of minors under 14 years of age who do not have a DNI). and the receipt of your previous appointment (printed or digital). To collect the Subscription with SIP number, you must also present the Family Book.

Once you have registered, it is important to follow these steps:

Select the pick-up centre or station, the day and time of your appointment.

Abono temporal jove gratuito valenciaAbono temporal jove gratuito

Before getting on a Metrovalencia or MetroBus train or tram, you need to validate your ticket. If asked by FGV staff, you must show your ID, such as an ID card, NIE, or passport.

Using a season ticket fraudulently or letting someone else use it will result in punishment according to the rules.

If your season ticket is lost, stolen, or not working properly through no fault of your own (like breaking or damage), you can ask for a free temporary Jove season ticket by scheduling an appointment on the website.

Metro valencia gratisBono metro valencia gratis

We recommend booking this appointment in advance before your arrival in Valencia. There’s usually a wait of at least two or three weeks, so it’s better to do it earlier. After you arrive, you can simply go to the station that you chose during the appointment registration on the website to retrieve your free Temporal Joven season ticket without any hassle.

How do I get from Valencia airport to the city centre?

Taking the metro is one of the most convenient and budget-friendly ways to reach the center of Valencia from the airport. Located in the airport arrivals terminal is the airport metro station, named “Aeroport.” It connects to Line 3 of the Valencia metro, providing a direct route to the city center.

A ticket from the airport to Colón station in the city center costs €4.90 for a single trip. Opting for a return ticket, priced at €8.40, is slightly cheaper than purchasing two individual tickets, but it’s valid for only 24 hours.

This option proves useful if, for instance, you need to pick someone up from the airport and return promptly. If you’re vacationing in Valencia, consider purchasing a single ticket upon arrival and departure. You’ll be provided with either a cardboard ticket for €1.00 or a plastic card for €2.00, both of which are rechargeable.

  • Single ticket: €4.90 (€3.90 + €1.00 one-time fee for the card)
  • Return ticket: €8.40 (€7.40 + €1.00 one-time fee for the card)
  • Payment at the terminal: Aeroport Fare

Another trick is to use “Google Maps”, it is very easy to find routes and schedules within the app.

llegadas aeropuerto valencia

aeropuerto valencia metrolinea aeropuerto metro valencia 1aeropuerto valencia metro 1

As you can see, the route goes from Valencia Airport to Valencia Station North, which is a train station. When you arrive at the Valencia Airport, head to the Metro Valencia and wait for the metro line 3. You can also track all the stops using Google Maps. If you happen to miss some stops or forget, you can easily check the map to get back on track. Once you reach Xativa, you’re already in the city center.

Don’t worry about the stops because once you’re on the metro, you’ll always hear the information and see on the screen which station is next.

linea metro valencialinea 3 metro valencia

When you’re inside the metro station, like Benimaclet station in our case, always look around. You’ll see signs indicating the destination routes and which side to take. Don’t forget to use “Google Maps” as well. It will give you a clear idea of which direction to go and which metro line to choose.

Benimaclet metroParada benimaclet metro

How can I recharge my SUMA 10 card?

You can recharge your SUMA 10 card in any Metro Valencia station. You will see these automatic vending machines, where you just put your card in and you will be able to recharge it.

Metro valencia ticket vending machinesHow can I recharge my SUMA 10 card?

Tarjeta metro valenciaTarjeta suma 10

What time does the metro run in Valencia?

Weekdays have service hours from 05:30 am to 11:30 pm, while weekends extend from 05:00 am to 12:30 am. Trains operate approximately every 10 minutes, depending on the specific metro line.

But for more precise and correct information check the official Metro Valencia website: “Horario metro valencia”.

Do not forget to use “Google Maps” for this case. And if you are not a fan of Google Maps, just go to the nearest Metro Valencia station, head inside and you will see the information sign with schedule and routes.

Horario metro valenciahorarios metro valencia

Tranvia Valencia – Tram System

The Valencia Tram System, located in the vibrant city of Valencia, Spain, is a modern and efficient mode of public transportation serving both residents and visitors alike. Launched in 1994, this tram network has expanded over the years, integrating seamlessly with the city’s existing transit infrastructure.

The system is renowned for its reliability, comfort, and environmental sustainability, offering passengers a convenient alternative to traditional forms of transportation like buses and cars.

With its extensive route network connecting key destinations within Valencia and its surrounding suburbs, the Valencia Tram System plays a vital role in easing traffic congestion and promoting sustainable urban mobility.

Whether traveling for work, leisure, or daily errands, passengers can rely on the Valencia Tram System to provide safe, convenient, and eco-friendly transportation throughout the city and its metropolitan area.

How to use the Tram System in Valencia?

It is very simple, just find Tram stations and the same principle applies as with Metro Valencia. You have SUMA 10, or any other public transport card, you validate it and go wherever you want!

Tranvia valenciaHorario tranvia valencia

How To Buy Tickets for Tram Valencia?

If you want to purchase tickets, SUMA 10, or any other public transport card, you’ll find ticket vending machines similar to those in the metro. The prices are the same as for Metro Valencia.

línea 4 tranvía valencialinea 4 tranvia valencia

Do not forget to validate your card!

Near the ticket vending machines, or even on some of them, there is a space to validate your card. Simply tap your card as shown in the picture below, and you’re ready to board the tram.

Tranvia valencia 1Tranvia valencia 2

EMT Valencia – Bus Network

What does EMT Valencia stand for?

What does EMT Valencia stand foremt valencia horarios

EMT Valencia operates as the primary bus system in Valencia, Spain, serving residents and visitors alike with efficient and reliable transportation solutions. With a comprehensive network of routes spanning the vibrant city, EMT Valencia connects passengers to key destinations, including cultural landmarks, business districts, and residential areas.

Boasting modern vehicles equipped with amenities for passenger comfort and safety, EMT Valencia prioritizes punctuality and accessibility, ensuring a seamless travel experience for commuters and tourists exploring the enchanting streets of Valencia.

How do you pay for buses in Valencia?

How do you pay for buses in Valencia?emt valencia gratis

When getting on the bus, you have the option to purchase a single ticket for €1.5, either directly from the driver or via the EMTicket app and for Apple devices you can click here. Alternatively, you can opt for a bus pass priced at €10.50 (€8.50 + €2 for the card), or choose the SUMA card, which allows for 10 trips across urban and intercity buses, metro, tram, and suburban trains, all for €10 (€8 + €2 for the card).

For more information, please click here which will direct you to official EMT Valencia fares and tickets page.

How to validate bus ticket in Valencia?

Except for single bus tickets bought onboard, all passes must be validated upon boarding the bus. You can validate them by tapping your card on one of the machines. Several passes like (SUMA 10 or other) offer free transfers within a specific time frame from the initial validation.

validate bus ticket in ValenciaHow to validate bus ticket in Valencia?

How late do public buses run in Valencia?

The service operates from 4:00 AM to 10:30 PM. Night service is available from 10:30 PM to 2:00 AM on weekdays and from 10:30 PM to 3:30 AM on weekends.

Always a good idea is to check Google Maps, and as well you can find more information about routes and schedules in official EMT Valencia website, which is “EMT Valencia Horarios”.

Valencia Train station system

Valencia Train stationValencia estacion nord

Valencia boasts its own central station for the local train network (cercanías), offering six lines linking the city to Gandía, Xirivella, Caudiel, and Castellón de la Plana and other places. The Joaquín Sorolla Station serves as the high-speed train hub (AVE), connecting Valencia to Madrid with daily departures. Travel time averages about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How can I purchase Train tickets for travel within and beyond Valencia?

Discovering how to buy tickets for your Valencia adventures is easy! For local destinations around Valencia, including Gandía, Mogente, Utiel, Xirivella, Caudiel, and Castellón de la Plana, simply head to Valencia’s city center station for the cercanías local train network.

Inside the station you should find ticket vending machines, and there are ticket vending machines where you could buy tickets within and beyond Valencia.

How can I purchase tickets for travel within and beyond Valencia?Valencia Train station tickets

How to Purchase Train Tickets from Valencia to Madrid and Beyond?

If you want to buy tickets to Madrid, or other destination long distance trains, there is a queue ticket printer, where you have to choose whether you are traveling today, or other days, and according to that, the machine will print you a ticket with the line number. You will need to go to the train ticket office and then buy your train ticket from there.

Valencia Train stationValencia Train Tickets to Madrid

But what we suggest is by checking the official Spanish train website, click here:

Booking your tickets in advance is a must if you really want to get tickets for cheaper price, and the tickets sell very fast, so it is always better to look in advance and not leave it for the last day if you want to save money and time.

renfe cercanias valencia preciovalencia station north routes

Renfe Cercanías Valencia Map

Renfe Cercanías trains serve as a vital transportation link in Valencia, offering convenient and efficient travel throughout the region and connecting commuters and visitors to various destinations. You can check the Cercanías Valencia line map to plan your journey and make the most of your travel experience aboard these modern and accessible trains.

mapa cercanias valencia 2024

Valenbisi Valencia – Bicycle infrastructure

Valenbisi Valencia offers convenient bike-sharing services. Users can download the Valenbisi app, choose a subscription plan, and unlock bikes at designated bike docks using their smartphones. While convenient, drawbacks include the need for a credit card and the possibility of empty or full bike racks. Despite these limitations, it’s an efficient way to explore Valencia.

How does Valenbisi work?

Valenbisi Valencia

Valenbisi is Valencia’s bike-sharing system, accessible via an app or website. Users can log in, choose a plan, and agree to terms. They select a bike, unlock it through the app, and enjoy the first 30 minutes of each ride for free, with fees applying thereafter.

Riders must follow traffic laws and return bikes to designated stations within 24 hours. Anti-theft measures are available for temporary stops. Bikes are properly docked for return, verified through the app. If no docks are available, users are directed to nearby stations. Feedback and reporting options are provided for improving user experience.

How to buy Valenbisi? Valenbisi Price

Valenbisi offers various subscription options:

  1. Short Term (7 Days): €13.30
  2. Long Term (1 Year): €29.21
  3. Long Term for Minors (14-17 years old): €29.21 (with parental authorization)
  4. Pass for Unemployed (more than 7 months): €20
  5. Combined MIBISI (existing MIBISI users): €26
  6. Long-term Subscription +55: €24
  7. Subscription for Companies: €26

All subscriptions include the first 30 minutes of each ride for free. Prices vary depending on the subscription type and may have additional charges if the ride exceeds 30 minutes. To purchase Valenbisi, you can register through the website or app and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.

Can tourists use Valenbisi? Valenbisi 1 day ticket

Can tourists use Valenbisi?Valenbisi 1 day ticket

Valenbisi offers a 1-day ticket for exploring Valence conveniently by bike. With this ticket, users can enjoy unlimited journeys, with the first 30 minutes of each ride free. If a ride exceeds 30 minutes, standard rates apply: €1.04 for the first hour and €3.12 for each subsequent hour. It’s important to always park the bicycle at a designated station and not leave it on the street. The price for the 1-day ticket is €3.99.

Tourists can indeed use Valenbisi by purchasing the 1-day ticket. This option allows them to explore the city at their own pace using the bike-sharing service.

Valenbisi stations

To find Valenbisi stations, you can use the app or visit their official website. They provide a map showing available bikes and spaces. Click here:

Taxi Valencia, Apps To Use

Some of the popular taxi budget apps you can use in Valencia, Spain, include:

  1. Cabify: Cabify operates in various cities worldwide, including Valencia. It allows you to book taxis and monitor the journey and estimated fare through the app.
  2. FreeNow:(formerly known as mytaxi): FreeNow is another popular taxi-hailing app available in Valencia. It offers services similar to MyTaxi, allowing you to book taxis conveniently through the app.
  3. Uber: While Uber faced some regulatory challenges in Spain, it might still be operating in Valencia. You can check the app to see if it’s available and compare fares with other options.
  4. Radio Taxi Valencia: This is the official app of the Valencia Taxi Association. It allows you to book taxis directly from licensed drivers in Valencia.
  5. Tele Taxi Valencia: Is one of the prominent taxi services operating in Valencia, Spain. With its dedicated app, users can easily book taxis for their journeys across the city. Offering a seamless booking experience, Tele Taxi Valencia ensures prompt and reliable transportation for its customers.

Please note that availability and specific features of these apps may change over time, so it’s a good idea to check the latest reviews and updates on their apps or official websites for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, local regulations and circumstances may affect the availability and operation of these services.

How much does a taxi cost in Valencia Spain?

The cost of a taxi in Valencia, Spain varies depending on factors such as time of day, distance traveled, and any additional fees.

Typically, the starting fare is around €1.40-€2.00, with a per-kilometer rate ranging from €0.70-€1.00. There might be additional charges for luggage, late-night trips, or traveling on public holidays. It’s always a good idea to check with the local taxi authorities or the taxi companies for the most current rates.

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