You may ask yourself what the best way of transport is in Valencia? It is rather simple if you ask Flats2Enjoy, using a bike is the best way to get around in this city. That is cause almost everything in this city is connected through the 156+ kilometer bike paths. So, to get started, we will give you the 4 best ways to get a bike in Valencia which will help you get started with your bike adventure in Valencia.

  1. Valenbisi

If you have ever walked through busy cities, you might have noticed a rack of bikes or two! Well, those racks are super useful here you can grab a bike and ride it through the city and when you are done you just easily ride to the closest bike rack and put it back. Hassle free and easy to use. Valencia is no exception, here you also have this opportunity to ride quickly and stress free through the city.

The provider of this bike service in Valencia is named Valenbisi. At this company you can subscribe for a short- or long term. It works easily. You simply just go to the appstore on your phone and download the app Valenbisi. Making an account on the website using your PC is also possible but to use the service while you’re out a smartphone is required. Once you have done that you follow the steps and choose a plan that works for you. Once you’re ready you can walk to a so-called bike doc, follow the steps, and unlock your bike and exploring the city can begin.

There are a few downsides to this bike sharing service. For example, you need a credit card to subscribe to a plan and if the bike rack you are standing by is empty you need to find another bike rack. When you have arrived at your destination the rack could be filled with other bikes, then you need to search for another spot. Which isn’t ideal.  There is a possibility that you need to walk a couple of streets to arrive at your destination.

But if that’s not a big concern for you this is a perfect way to get around in Valencia. By using the app, you can easily see what is available. So, if you do it right, you will be fine. If you don’t have access to a creditcard or prefer having an own bike you can ride always and everywhere, the next one will be a better solution.

  1. Kleta

This bike is perfect if you like having your own bike, but don’t have room to store it at home or just like to ride hassle free. With a Kleta bike you take a subscription that goes per month, it has short- and long-term subscriptions. To find out what plan suits you best we advise to go to the website and have a look at the current prices and plans available.

The subscription covers maintenance and bike theft for 90% but for a full disclosure its best to contact Kleta. The bikes are well known and are seen a lot around the city of Valencia. You can actually notice the bikes from their yellow front tire a unique touch you might say.

One of the advantages is that you don’t need a creditcard for the bike subscription and the other benefit is that, for example a flat tire will be fixed by Kleta free of charge. Some disadvantages are that, for every problem you only can contact Kleta, you also can’t change things like a saddle or bell. It needs to be in its original shape all the time. If you don’t like these disadvantages, the next best way to get a bike is maybe more for you.

  1. Adventure

If you want a bike with no subscription or monthly fees. The best way to buy is second hand. You have everything at your fingertips. Especially nowadays websites like Wallapop and Milanuncios make it rather easy to find a bike online. There are lots of options and different kinds of bikes available for sale.

The chat function on these apps makes it easy to communicate, especially if your Spanish isn’t there yet. A thing you do need to look out for, is that there is no warranty with the purchase of the bike, so check what you buy works and suits your needs, also remember not to pay anything online if you haven’t seen the item in person.

If you find it a hassle to do it that way, there are also other great ways to buy bikes second hand. In Valencia there are a lot of group chats for all kinds of different subjects, for example a chat for parties, restaurants, apartments but there is also a group for buying bikes. In these group chats people will list their bike that they want to sell. This is a great way because most people are international students, so this makes communicating a lot easier. Something to keep in mind is that you are also helping other students as well.

You do need to search and ask around a bit to find a group chat, also keep in mind that a lot of other people are also interested in a bike. So, you have to be quick others may be interested as well!

If you are scared that you won’t get a bike this way or you don’t want to risk of getting scammed. You will definitely like the last next best way to get a bike.

  1. The Bike That Will Make You Look Like a Local

So, what makes the last way to get a bike hassle free and makes you look like a local? In Ruzafa there is a bike shop named Monbike. Here they sell secondhand bikes. If you want to be seen as a local, you’re in luck. These bike blend in with all the other bikes of Valencia. No one will suspect you as a tourist. At least if that’s what you’re going for. The way it works is simple, on the website there is a list of bikes that are available. You can choose a bike you like, take a test drive, and pick it up in the store. However, this bike shop operates a bit different than other bike shops in Valencia.

If you want, you can even select a plan that is free of charge. This plan provides a cashback that gives €20 euros each month of ownership, when you sell it back to Monbike you will get the €20 times the months of ownership back but we recommend contacting the company for a full disclosure about that. This means you will get money back from Monbike when you are selling it back to them. You can also pay a small one-time fee for a maintenance plan. If something happens, they will most likely fix it free of charge.

With this information we hope we have given you some advice about the best ways to acquire a bike here in Valencia. For any questions or misgiven information, feel free to contact us! See you on the bike paths….

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