On average most people spend one third of their life in their bedroom which is quite a lot of time most people would say including Flats2Enjoy. While it is good to be comfortable in your own bedroom, it is also good to escape to another environment. Especially if you are studying. That is why we’ve lined up 4 best places to study as a student besides the comfort of your own room.

Coffee time

For the people that like a cup of coffee to start their morning a café is a great place to study. A place near the beach known as LA FÁBRICA DE HIELO is known to be a great place to study. This place has comfortable seats, lots of space and a bar to get coffee. The lay-out of the building makes it an enjoyable place to study, with comfy sofas and ambient lighting.

For the ones that don’t live near the beach or don’t want to travel a long distance. There are alternative great places to get some work done. A couple of great places to study are Flying Bean Coffee, MAYAN COFFEES and Federal. All of these places are located near or in the city center and have different unique traits and of course plenty of coffee!


Libraries are one of the most common and well-known places to study as a student. For the ones that want to find a good place to study, Biblioteca Pública de València Pilar Faus is the place we recommend. Located on the edge of the city center it is the perfect place for almost everyone.

1 Best Place To Study As A Student

There is also a place here to do work outside, which isn’t common for most libraries.

For the people that don’t live near this place, there is also a great library named: Biblioteca Pública de València Pilar Faus, this library is located inside of the University area, so for the people that live close by it is the perfect place to get work done.

There are of course other great libraries to study but these two are the ones that Flats2Enjoy recommends most.

A breath of fresh air

If the weather is good, why not study outside right? Valencia is a great city with lots of parks and open spaces. In a lot of these parks, it is possible to study. Flats2Enjoy has lined up two of its favorite parks to study in.

Firstly, located just above the city is a park known as Jardins del Real Vivers, with a stretch of around 670 meters there is plenty of place to study. With gardens, fountains and open fields, the park has a lot of different things to offer. With the benches spread throughout the park it is easy to find a comfortable spot you like and if you would rather sit on the grass don’t worry, the park offers lots of grass to study on too. Open year-round every day of the week, the park always allows people to get in and the fresh air can help you get some work done.

Park Turia is Flats2Enjoy’s second recommendation, this park stretches for 9 kilometers. In this strip are multiple places to study. One of the best places to study is near the City of Arts & Sciences. The stunning view this building has to offer is a great place to get some work done.2 Best Place To Study As A Student

Throughout Turia park are other great places to study, each section of the park offers a different experience and just as Jardins del Real Vivers, the many benches and grass areas make for a perfect place to get some work done.

A friends house

If you want to change the environment, you study from time to time, studying at a friend’s place is a perfect solution. Together with another person you’re most likely to have more motivation to study, especially if the person does the same study as you, chatting and sharing ideas in a new environment can always prompt some great work. Exchanging information is easily shared and you may understand the subject better but remember, don’t make it too fun otherwise you may end up not studying at all!

Good luck with your studies!

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